Airfix A18002V Junkers Ju87B Stuka


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Airfix A18002V Junkers Ju87B Stuka

1:24 Scale

Brand New from our model shop in Yorkshire


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An aircraft considered by many to be the most infamous in the history of warfare, the Junkers Ju87 Stuka was designed not only to inflict devastating strategic damage on opposing military forces, but to do so by spreading fear and confusion amongst their ranks, thus further reducing their effectiveness as a fighting force.

A Stuka dive-bombing attack employed the use of a siren intentionally bolted to one of the aircraft’s undercarriage legs, which emitted a terrifying wailing cry, which would continue until the aircraft pulled out of its dive, only to be replaced by the sound of exploding bombs. Signifying impending devastation, the Stuka was the aviation manifestation of Blitzkrieg.

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