N Gauge Dapol 2D-018-007 Hymek D7003 Two Tone Green No YWP BR Late Crest


Product Description

N Gauge2D-018-007 Hymek D7003 Two Tone Green No YWP BR Late Crest Brand new item from our New Model shop in Yorkshire.
The Class 35 was a mixed traffic Bo-Bo diesel hydraulic locomotive built for the Western Region of BR. The Class 35 coupled a mekyrdohydraulic transmission with a diesel power unit and for this reason became affectionately known as Hymeks. One hundred and one were built between 1961 and 1964 by Bayer Peacock (Hymek) Ltd, a joint venture company between Bristol Siddeley Engines (supplier of the Maybachengine used), Stone-Platt Industries (Supplier of the Mekydro Hydraulic transmission) and Bayer Peacock & Co (manufacturer of the locomotive). The Hymek continued into service until 1975 by which time their passenger and freight duties were replaced in the main by the more powerful Class 52 Western and the diesel-electric Class 37. Four Hymeks survive into preservation.Dapol have produced both Powered and dummy models to allow the protypical double and triple header formations typically seen in their use. The Dapol model also includes the following features – Detailed body with etched grills and separately fitted handrails– Finely detailed cast wheels– 5 pole Super creep motor with huge pulling power and incredible slow running speed.– All wheel drive and pick up– Directional Lights– DCC Ready (NOT Fitted) 6 pin socket– Accessory Bag with separate optional fittings.

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