Bachmann 31-435 MR 1F Tank Enclosed Cab 41726 BR Black Early Emble



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31-435 MR 1F Tank Enclosed Cab 41726 BR Black Early Emblem

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By the end of the 1870s, a need had arisen for more shunting tanks. To satisfy this need, Samuel W. Johnson introduced the 1377 Class. A total of 185 engines were built between 1878 and 1892. They were given the power classification ‘1F’.A series of orders for rebuilding the 1377 Class with Johnson’s G5 Belpaire boilers was issued between 1924 and 1927 and 88 were rebuilt as such until the economic slump hit in 1930. During this period, reduced traffic resulted in a number of the 1377s being stored, but they remained widely spread. The stored locomotives were used for short-term loans to other lines, private firms and collieries. Important loans were also made to the military during World War Two.


The decline of the class was very gradual – after the initial heavy withdrawals of the early 1930s and as business began to stir back into life, the numbers taken out of service each year remained in single figures (with the exception of 1940-1945 when none were withdrawn).  All were officially withdrawn by 1966. One locomotive exists in preservation – 41708.

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