EFE Rail E84703 Class 15 D8200 BR Green (Late Crest) Loco


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EFE Rail E84703 Class 15 D8200 BR Green (Late Crest) Loco

O Gauge

Brand new item from our New Yorkshire model railway shop.

The Class 15 Diesel Locomotive marks EFE Rail’s first foray into O Scale! One of British Rail’s Pilot Scheme designs, 44 of these Type 1diesels were built by the Yorkshire Engine Company and the Clayton Equipment Company to a British Thompson-Houston design. These EFE Rail models are powered by a three pole motor with twin flywheels, have a Plux22 DCC decoder interface and are fitted with a twin speaker system, ready for you to add a DCC sound decoder if you wish. At each end you will find pre-fitted, etched headcode discs which can be positioned open or closed to display your desired headcode, and behind which headcode lights are fitted. This example is finished as No.D8200 in original BR Green livery.



  • EFE Rail O Scale
  • Era 5
  • Pristine BR Green (Late Crest) livery
  • Running No. D82001
  • Etched Headcode Discs (Posable Open/Closed)
  • Sprung Buffers
  • Powerful 3 Pole Motor
  • Detailed and Decorated Cab Interior
  • Interior Cab Lighting
  • Directional Lighting
  • DCC Ready (It is NOT DCC fitted)
  • Twin Speakers Fitted (If you wish to add a sound decoder)
  • Equipped with a Plux22 DCC Decoder Socket – recommended Decoder (Bachmann 36-570A
  • Length 294mm

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