Farish 371-358AS DCC Sound Class 60 096 Colas Rail Freight


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Product Description

Farish 371-358AS DCC Sound Class 60 096 Colas Rail Freight

N Gauge

Brand new item from our Yorkshire model railway shop.
  Analogue Users: Directional lights and basic Prime Mover (engine) sounds, which vary with speed, plus any other automated sounds, can be enjoyed when using this model on analogue control (DC) straight from the box!


F0 – Directional Lights

F1 – On – Warm Engine Start / On, Off – Failed Engine Start / On, Off, On – Cold Engine Start

F2 – Brake

F3 – Single Horn (Speed Related)

F4 – Two Tone Horn

F5 – Light Engine / Heavy Train Mode

F6 – Engine Idle / Coasting

F7 – Speed Lock

F8 – Engine Speed-up

F9 – Flange Squeal (Speed Related)

F10 – Guard’s Whistle (When Stationary) / Speed Related Detonators (When Moving)

F11 – Parking Brake (Functional)

F12 – Coupling

F13 – Compressor

F14 – Spirax Valves Venting

F15 – Cooler Group FanF16 – Driver’s Telephone Test

F17 – Fire Bell

F18 – On – Cab Door Open / Off – Cab Door Closed

F19 – Fade All Sounds

F20 – Directional Lighting Off (No. 1 End)

F21 – Directional Lighting Off (No. 2 End)

F22 – Cab Light (No. 1 End)

F23 – Cab Light (No. 2 End)

F24 – Station Ambience

F25 – On – ‘Morning’ / Off – Driver’s Response

F26 – Shunting Mode

F27 – Volume Down

F28 – Volume Up

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