Hornby R60019 BR (Ex LMS), 20 T Brake Van, B950040 BR Wagon

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OO Gauge HornbyR60019 BR (Ex LMS), 20 T Brake Van, B950040    Brand new item direct from our new Yorkshire Model Railway shop.
Product InfoUntil 1968, fully fitted freight trains were required by lawto be carry a break van at the end. The brake van provided brake functionalityto help slow the train as well as acting as a space in which the trains guardcould carry out additional duties such as paperwork. As a result most brakevans featured a stove and desk on top of the brake apparatus. The London,Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) built 2653 20 ton break vans between 1933and 1947. These featured a wooden structure that spanned most of the frame,with open covered areas at either end to provide the guard with an excellentview of the train.

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