Hornby R60039 20T NCB (Ex LMS) Brake Van NCB Blue Wagon

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OO Gauge HornbyR60039 20T NCB (Ex LMS) Brake Van    Brand new item direct from our new Yorkshire Model Railway shop.
Product InfoUntil 1968, fully fitted freight trains were required by lawto be carrying a break van at the end. The brake van provided brakefunctionality to help slow the train as well as acting as a space in which thetrains guard could carry out additional duties such as paperwork. As aresult most brake vans featured a stove and desk on top of the brake apparatus.The London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) built 2653 20 ton break vansbetween 1933 and 1947. These featured a wooden structure that spanned most ofthe frame, with open covered areas at either end to provide the guard with anexcellent view of the train.

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