Hornby TT:120 TT3010M LMS Princess Coronation 4-6-2 6231 Duchess of Atholl


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TT GaugeHornby TT:120 TT3010M LMS Princess Coronation 4-6-2 6231 Duchess of Atholl 
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Tech SpecsItem Scale 1:120 ScaleGauge TTDCC Status DCC Ready Next18 socket (It is NOT DCCFitted)Operator LMSDesigner Sir William Stanier Wheel Configuration 4-6-2Livery LMS Crimson Lake Minimum Curve (mm) Radius 2  Product InfoThe story of the Princess Coronation Class is one of splitpersonalities and purposes. The original streamlined form of the class arosefrom tests on Stanier’s development of the Princess Royal class locomotives.When the opportunity to produce five conventional versions of the CoronationPacific as a comparison to the streamlined version arose, Stanier was quoted assaying, ‘They can have their streamliners if they b***** want them, but we willalso build them five proper ones’ such was his lack of interest in astreamlined locomotive specifically. Those first five conventional locomotives were 6230 Duchessof Buccleuch to 6234 Duchess of Abercorn, colloquially known as Duchesses,after the first of this sub-class. Appearing in 1938 with a single chimney andwithout smoke deflectors, many purists regard these as the finest Pacificlocomotives ever produced. The next four Duchesses to appear were 6249-6252 in1944 and they emerged from works with a double chimney.Originally ordered asstreamlined, the demands of maintaining the streamlined form exceeded the costsavings in coal and so they emerged from works without the casing, but withstreamlined tenders (which had been completed before that decision was taken).In 1946 the next three Duchesses, 6253-6255, differed in appearance again, thistime the curved fall plate at the front was replaced by a split platform andsmoke deflectors were fitted. The process of de-streamlining the remaining engines beganwith 6235 City of Birmingham in April 1946, with 6243 City of Lancaster beingthe last in May 1949. Locomotives that had streamlining removed had adistinctive slant to the leading edge of the top of the smokebox, where thiswas previously hidden by the panels and designed to accommodate them.Eventually the raked smokeboxes were replaced with conventional smokeboxes, sothat by late 1958 the majority of the fleet showed a similar appearance for thefirst time. Duchess of Atholl entered service in 1938 in the strikingLMS Crimson Lake livery as locomotive number 6231. The locomotive would go onto serve into the early 1960s under BR until it would be scrapped at Crewe inNovember 1963. During its time with the nationalised railway it would benumbered 46231 and the locomotive would wear three different liveries one ofwhich being an experimental blue. Safety InformationDetailed scale model. Not suitable for children under 14 years. Please refer to safety notes in enclosed instruction leaflet. Please retain these details for future reference.

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