KATO 20-429 Unitrack (S248T) Straight Truss Girder Bridge Red/Brwn 248mm


Product Description

N GaugeKATO Unitrack20-429 Unitrack (S248T) Straight Truss Girder Bridge Red/Brwn 248mm  DETAILSReddish brown truss bridges are in various parts of Japan. It is a familiar item seen in various landscapes and with trains. Not only is it laid on a diorama but also it can be used as a display stand for a train. The color matches separately sold deck girder bridge and curve bridges red. Combining it with them will realize more magnificent scenery of bridges. The bridge will make it more realistic to operate a train.FEATURES

  • A reddish brown truss bridge joins the lineup in the familiar quiet color harmonizing with landscapes widely across Japan
  • The ties are realistically reproduced so that it can be seen through between them
  • It is designed to fit 248 mm, the standard length of straight track.
  • it is possible to realize a realistic landscape with bridges by combining it with various similar color deck girder bridges/curve bridges red.

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