N Gauge Dapol 2P-012-551 MAUNSELL COACH SET 392 SR GREEN

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N GaugeDapol2P-012-551 MAUNSELL COACH SET 392 SR GREENBrand new item from our New Model shop in Yorkshire.

Richard Maunsell (1868-1944) spent his working life inrailways, ­ First as Chief Mechanical Engineer of The South Eastern and ChathamRailwayand then on its merger in 1923 as the Chief MechanicalEngineer of the new Southern Railway. By 1926, Maunsell had ­ finalised hisplans for anew design of Southern coach, implementing many standardfeatures such as buckeye couplers, standard positioning for most mechanicaland braking devices, Pullman type gangways and retractablebuffers that would suit the newly formed company and its lines. Even with thisnewdegree of standardisation implemented by Maunsell, fourdistinct body plans were developed over the following 10 years to meet thediverse typeof track and to fall within the ­financial constraints beingfaced by the business at the time. These coaches, however, were very successfuland a fewsurvive on heritage railways today. Dapol Maunsell coaches shall feature:• Finely detailed body, underframe and bogies• Finely applied livery and decals• NEM coupling as standard 

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