N Gauge PECO NR-10B Ferry’ Open Wagon, BR Ferry, Bauxite


Product Description

N GaugePECO NR-10B Ferry' Open Wagon, BR Ferry, BauxiteBuilt in 1957, this small fleet of open wagons were designspecifically for the movement of consignments to and from the continent bythe channel train ferry. Allocated to the Southern Region, they featured anadjustable bar that supported a tarpaulin. On our model the bar is included,and can be removed as required, as was done on the real wagons when they wereeventually used for internal traffic. Our model faithfully replicates thebauxite livery and all the various markings as per the prototype, including thecorner flashes in black and white. All Peco wagons feature free runningwheels in pin point axles. The ELC coupling, whilst compatible with thestandard N gauge couplings, keeps a realistic distance between the vehicles andenables the PL-25 electro magnetic decoupler to be used for remote uncoupling.Recommended to be used with: PECO Streamline and Setrack N Gauge Code 80 and Code 55 trackage systems PECO N Quality Line Wagons Brand new item from our New Model shop in Yorkshire.

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