N Gauge PECO NR-P161 Petrol Tank Wagon, ESSO


Product Description

N GaugePECO NR-P161 Petrol Tank Wagon, ESSOPrivate owner wagons abounded prior to nationalisation,they would often be seen far from their base as they were sent to collect rawmaterials and supplies such as coal, and deliver finished goods. All Pecowagons feature free running wheels in pin point axles. The ELC coupling, whilstcompatible with the standard N gauge couplings, keeps a realistic distancebetween vehicles and enables the PL-25 electro magnetic decoupler to be usedfor remote uncoupling.Recommended to be used with: PECO Streamline and Setrack N Gauge Code 80 and Code 55 trackage systems PECO N Quality Line Wagons Brand new item from our New Model shop in Yorkshire.

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