N Gauge Peco ST-91 Complete Platform System Kit, Stone type


Product Description

N GaugePECO SETRACKPeco ST-91 Complete Platform System Kit, Stone typeThis model platform system is ideal for use with Peco NSetrack, Streamline and any other unit trackage system which conforms to thesame geometry. The two sections in this pack make a 288mm long platform plusramps; it can easily be extended by simply clipping in additional ST-94 Stonetype platform units. As supplied the units fit a standard track configurationbut it is easy to adapt to suit other situations; just cut the platformsurfaces to any of three widths by following the scribed lines on the back.Ramps can be made to one of two widths, and have curved sides to match theSetrack curve.Technical Specification: Length: 460mm Width: 60mm Recommended to be used with: PECO Setrack N Gauge Code 80 – Unit trackage System ST-94 Straight Platform Unit Stone type IN-1 PECO Publication: N Gauge Setrack Planbook   Brand new item direct from our new Yorkshire shop

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