OO / N Gauge PECO PL-17 Probe for Point motors (use with PL-18 Studs)


Product Description

 PECO PL-17 Probe for Point motors (use with PL-18 Studs)(PL-18 studs are Not included)A simple yet effective method of switching turnouts. ThePL-18 Studs are inserted into the control panel, often laid out as a layoutdiagram. A wire is then soldered to the tag at the back, which goes to therelevant solenoid of the turnout motor. When power is applied by touching thepowered PL-17 probe on the stud the Turnout Motor is activated.Recommended to be used with: PL-18 Studs and Washers PL-10 Turnout Motors  Brand new item from our New Model shop in Yorkshire.

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