Wills CK10 Farm Cottage – Plastic Kit


Product Description

OO GaugeWills KitsCK10 Farm Cottage – Plastic Kit Plastic Kit, Unpainted (Picture shows how the completed kit can look) Paint and glue are NOT supplied with this kit.  FARM COTTAGE SCENEThe Craftsman series from Wills offers the more experiencedmodeller a cost effective way to make large, highly individual models. Theycover a range of typically British buildings both railway and domestic; eachkit includes plastic moulded materials sheets, detailed parts, illustratedinstructions and templates. The use of sheet materials rather than mouldedparts for the main components allows the opportunity to easily modify thedesign to suit your needs. Should you wish to extend the building the same materialssheets are available separately (see the Wills Materials Pack range). Similarlyit would be easy to add additional doors and/or windows if required.Technical Specification:

  • Length: 102mm
  • Width: 74mm

  Brand new item direct from our new Yorkshire model railway shop.


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