Wills Modern SSM322 Modern DPD Distribution Depot – Plastic Kit


Product Description

OO GaugeWills Modern KitSSM322 Modern DPD Distribution Depot – Plastic Kit Plastic Kit, Unpainted (Picture shows how the completed kit can look) Paint and glue are NOT supplied with this kit.  MODERN DPD DISTRIBUTION DEPOTWe have teamed up with DPD to produce this new modular kitin the Wills Modern range, replicating a typical local depot that might befound on industrial estates across the country, and quite possibly adjacent tothe railway.The modeller can choose where to place doors and windows,and whether to build as a stand-alone structure or as a low-relief backdrop.This kit is supplied with a fully detailed printed interior, so modellers canconstruct the building with doors and shutters open if they wish. There is evenan office scene for the windows! The kit is also supplied with coloured parts,meaning that painting, whilst desirable for full authenticity, is notessential.Technical Specification:

  • Width: Full 168 Low Relief 336mm
  • Depth: Full 168 Low Relief 84mm 

     Brand new item direct from our new Yorkshire model railway shop.


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